I may have to sell the Phantom due to my accident 🥺

This isn't something I've ever had to do before, but it's time to swallow my pride and ask for a bit of help.
If you have the time, please have a read of my GoFundMe page.
Thank you,

Please help if you can!

On the 4th of March 2023, Sludge had a serious motorbike accident resulting in a brain hemorrhage and multiple broken bones, including a fractured skull. Unfortunately, since the accident, Sludge has been unable to work and is not expected to return for at least another year.

Due to his inability to work and the mounting pressure from a tax debt, Sludge has been forced to consider selling his truck. Our goal is to raise enough money so that he doesn’t have to sell his truck called the Phantom, and can recover peacefully, eventually returning to what he loves doing which is trucking.

Sludge and Wendy have both said that by getting rid of the tax debt and not selling the Phantom, they have every intention of giving back to the fans of Sludge and the Phantom, Including continuing to appear on the show Outback Truckers, attending more truck shows, and interacting with fans.  Plus the addition of an official YouTube channel to interact with fans as much as possible.

Please donate as much as you can. These funds will go directly towards paying off his debts and supporting his recovery. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Weekly updates will be posted, on Facebook and the new YouTube channel here: Sludge Official YouTube

The link to the GoFundMe is at the top of the home page.

About Sludge

Paul "Sludge" Andrews was born and raised in Freshford, NZ. His parents started a transport company (Andrews Transport), and then moved to a station in Waikia, NZ. Sludge had a happy childhood, spending time between the farm and the company.

Tragedy struck in Sludge’s early teens, losing his brother in a motor vehicle accident and a year later losing his father in a transport accident.

He left New Zealand and travelled to Australia, staying with family friends and pursuing his dreams in motocross championships. He did eventually return to New Zealand, but later returned to Australia where he has lived since.

He began his career in the transport industry as soon as he could drive a truck, and was mentored by Derek Murray who had earlier worked for Sludge’s parents. After working with Derek in Narrogin for some time, he started his own company, Paul Andrews Transport.

Sludge has spent over 30 years in the industry, working tirelessly and spending hours, days and weeks away from home. Sludge has gained experience in all kinds of freight Australia wide.

11 years ago he took up delivering oil & fuel within the North and South of Western Australia. A job he still carries out today.

A friend nominated him to film with outback truckers. Initially he was quite reluctant, but in season 3 he decided to give it a go, and he’s been a regular favourite on the show ever since. He’s currently involved with the filming of season 9, so watch this space!

Sludge has always loved the adrenaline rush he gets from anything with big horsepower. He races his nitro Harley Davidson at the dirt drags, loves his Honda motorcycles and has quite a few quirky motorised toys at home, including a scooter, an esky, a skateboard and even a picnic table!

The artwork of the Phantom, which has now become iconic, carries it’s own interesting tale. Sludge had originally envisaged having the truck themed after the song "Phantom 309" by 18 Wheeler. The artist asked if he could paint his own ideas, and Sludge was surprised when the truck came back painted with The Phantom comic book character! He fell in love with the design, and so we now have The Phantom we all know and love!

Sludge loves to stop and say hello to his fans from Outback Truckers, and gets a real buzz out of making people happy. Alongside The Phantom, the pair will always put a smile on your face!